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IMPORTANT: Cheer Honolulu follows CDC guidelines. Based on current guidelines all participants will be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination to participate in practices and events.  

Please upload a picture of your COVID-19 vaccination card to confirm your vaccination status.

IMPORTANT! READ CAREFULLY. This document affects your legal rights. You, the participant, must sign it if you voluntarily participate in any activity with Cheer Honolulu. References in this agreement to “I” or “we” include all who sign below unless otherwise clearly indicated. 

I specifically assume all risks and hazards associated with my participation in Cheer Honolulu including, but not limited to, the risks associated with the COVID-19 or similar type virus. I understand that I will be associating with other team and community members and may contract COVID-19, and other viruses and diseases, through my participation in Cheer Honolulu.
Although all Cheer Honolulu members are required to show proof of vaccination before participating, that precaution is not adequate to prevent the spread of COVID-19 given, among other things, the relatively long incubation period, and the fact that many infected persons are asymptomatic. I understand and voluntarily assume the risk that I may acquire COVID-19, and that COVID-19 may subsequently be transmitted from myself to other in my family, and members of my household.
I certify that I am in good health, and have no current issues that make it unsafe for me to participate in Cheer Honolulu. I will notify Cheer Honolulu Leadership and not attend Cheer Honolulu practices and events if I develop COVID-19 symptoms, a fever or illness, or test positive for COVID-19.
To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby agree to waive, release, and discharge any and all claims, causes of action, damages, and rights of any kind, including serious injury or death, against Cheer Honolulu, its insurers, and all of their respective leaders, members, and volunteers (the “Released Parties”) arising from or relating in any way to my participation in Cheer Honolulu, including but not limited to exposure to the COVID-19 virus as I am assuming that risk.

Signature Required

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